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Psychos Sensation

Everything that is relevant in a relationship between a psychiatrist and patient boils down to an effortless sensation. Automated psychiatry happens within my doctor's practice.

The location of this room is the 3rd Viennese district, the embassy district in the heart of Austria's capital. The room is located in a Gruenderzeit building on the 5th floor with a view of the Belvedere, a historic building complex with an enormous garden. A slight haze covers the sun. The sight goes far and the room is dark, with dark-brown furniture, everything is a bit dusty and it is very calm and soothing. In the corner there are two very large leather chairs facing each other in a 45 degree angle. The conversation cloud hovers two feet above the tip of my streched out feet and allows for a comfortable indirect communication.

Sometimes my psychiatrist dozes off and i stop talking and let my eyes sweep over the Belvedere structure, the gardens and further into the distance. The room is not actually here, the room belongs to Vienna but the room is everywhere. It is the room and not only the machine or the sleeping psychiatrist that define my reality. The software and the sleeping psychiatrist do not care where they are, they do not think and dream as far as i am concerned. I have to do the work, i am the user. The software, the machine, ICD-10, the drugs and the psychiatrist are my instruments of gradual formulation of diagnoses while speaking.

Drugs are a more or less stable chemical compound, in a way, at least conceptually they never change. Only when they come into contact with a user or another chemical element or compound they dissolve and start to interact. The reaction is very specific since each user is a different individual. They are global drugs but we are individual users. We are not good and we are not bad. We are well and not well. We become well or not well. Subject and object merge in psychiatric practice. The chair becomes subject and the user turns into an object, the psychiatrist takes a radical position and transcends into an indifferent difference machine. Prescriptions demand the highest level of exactness in an otherwise obscure, inaccurate and nebulous field.

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Psychos Cycle

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Group Therapy, FACT Liverpool, 2015
Curated by Vanessa Bartlett

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